Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: We have put a great deal of time and thought into crafting our packages for you. From time to time we will offer special deals and post them to our Facebook and Twitter pages. Check there first!

Q: Do you work well with photographers?

A: Absolutely! Most of our new Facebook friends are the photographers we meet while filming! We trust that if you hired us, you are putting together the A-Team of wedding professionals!

Q: Are you available for other kinds of video?

A: Our main focus is weddings. Macy loves to do boudoir on the side and occasionally we will meet some business owners that we want to collaborate with!


Q: How long will it take to get my video?

A: One of my brides once said, "never rush an artist" I really liked her :) Our typical turn around time for wedding films is 2-3 months. Sometimes sooner, depending on wedding trends.

Q: Do you do Same Day Edits?

A: We do offer Same Day Edits! Although we prefer to do something better... On your wedding day we really want to focus on what is happening and capturing every moment. So, we craft Love Story videos to show at your reception. These are films that we have already put together detailing your Love Story shown on an 80" screen that really let your guests know who you are and why this day is so special for you.

Q: How long will my video be?

A: The highlight reel is typically between 6-9 minutes, normally the length of 2 songs. The ceremony and reception will be separate videos. The ceremony video will be the entire ceremony, so, however long your ceremony ends up being is how long that video will be. The reception video is composed a little differently. There will be a few minutes of pre-reception stuff like decorations, cocktails, people laughing, smiling, greeting each other, then it will be each event like entrances, dances, speeches, cake, tosses, etc... followed by some dance footage. Reception videos can be anywhere from 20-40 minutes depending on the length of speeches usually.